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10 Tips to Make the Most of Your Holiday Decorations This Christmas



Christmas decorations bring joy to anyone that celebrates the holiday season, young and old alike. Not only do they illustrate the season’s spirit of celebration and conviviality, putting decorations up as a family creates memories that cross generations and last a lifetime.

For many, the Christmas spirit involves decorating in and around their home to show their love for the season and celebrate as a community. Celebrating Christmas with friends and family is an enduring tradition that brings people together to share joy and kindness, and decorating for the season is just one of the ways to display this spirit.

These 10 helpful Christmas decoration ideas are sure to get everyone in the Christmas spirit.

Classic Christmas Lights

You can’t go wrong with one of the most iconic and recognizable Christmas decorations. Christmas lights!

You can opt for Christmas lights that come equipped with smaller white bulbs for a more subtle decoration or choose classic large multi-color bulbs that are immediately recognizable and create a distinctive ambiance.

Christmas lights can be installed around windows, on roofs, or hung on trees to give your house an extra touch of the Christmas spirit. Christmas lights are probably the most quintessential and recognizable Christmas decorations, and the best part is they can be used year after year.

There are even professional Christmas light installation options if you want to take your Christmas lights to another level.

Homemade Yard Decorations

Homemade Christmas decorations constructed from wood cutouts and painted to represent Santa and his elves, or the twelve reindeer, remain an enduring Christmas decoration idea.

This can be a great activity for the whole family, and the added ability to customize your homemade Christmas year art gives a creative spark to everyone.

This is a classic way to celebrate the holiday season that is sure to make your house stand out as revelers pass by to enjoy the decorations and celebrate the Christmas spirit.

Advent Calendars

Advent calendars are an interactive way for younger family members to mark down the days until Christmas morning finally arrives. There are a wide variety of advent calendars available with many options to choose from. Some feature small sweets like chocolates to tick down the days, while others may have small toys hiding behind each wall, each marking a different aspect of the Christmas celebration.

Some advent calendars are cherished family heirlooms that have been carefully carved and handed down from generation to generation and contain festive trinkets to display each day. Advent calendars are one of the best ways to keep younger children active during the busy holiday season and help them get ready to unwrap their gifts from Santa come Christmas morning.

Advent calendars are also a fun way to decorate a classroom by allowing each student to open the door on their selected day.

Window Candles

These add an old-school charm to homes with classical aesthetics. While they may be replaced with electronic decorative candles to increase safety these days, lighting a single white candle and displaying it on your windowsill is a Christmas decoration tradition that dates back to colonial times.

This elegant decoration is perfect for more traditional style homes and brings a historical style that creates a genuine connection to the past.

Vintage Nutcrackers

Vintage Nutcrackers

These decorative figurines are designed to resemble toy soldiers, and their origin goes back to seventeenth-century Germany, where skilled artisans produced these as gifts to be given during the holiday season.

They are iconic and, in German folklore, said to be protectors of the homeland, symbols of good luck that frighten off bad spirits.

In 1892 a ballet adaptation of the 1816 story “The Nutcracker and the Mouse King” was produced by Peter Illyich Tchaikovsky and made the figurines even more popular. Vintage nutcrackers can be handed down through generations and remain one of the most enduring symbols of the history of Christmas.

Yard Nativity Scenes

These Christmas decorations celebrate the story of Joseph and Mary by depicting the Birth of Christ in Bethlehem. They are often found in front yards, but many Churches also display elaborate nativity scenes for the whole community to enjoy as they view Christmas lights or shop for the perfect Christmas Tree.

These can range from small, simple decorations to large ornate depictions of the story behind Christmas and its true meaning.

Christmas Trees

Christmas Trees

Another of the most iconic images of the holiday season is the Christmas tree. With its origins in 16th-century German nobility, the modern examples of Christmas trees bring joy to anybody that celebrates the holiday, and picking the right one is one of the most exciting traditions of the Christmas season.

As ornaments are collected over the years, Christmas trees become memorials to how families have grown and be elegant symbols to mark the Christmas spirit or depict favorite characters like Santa or Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

You can even explore options to cut your own Christmas tree from festive lots that welcome celebrants with a warm cup of apple cider where they can choose the perfect tree and cut it down themselves to create memories the whole family will love.

The most common topper for a Christmas tree is a star to represent the Star of Bethlehem, though some prefer a Christmas Angel, a depiction of Santa Claus, or even a white dove. No matter your choice of topper, finishing off your Christmas tree with a thoughtful topper is one of the best parts of decorating for Christmas.

Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments

Decorating your Christmas tree with ornaments that hold special significance is a festive activity for the whole family and often marks the start of the Christmas season, with many families choosing the perfect Christmas tree after their Thanksgiving celebrations.

Making homemade Christmas tree ornaments is a fun activity for every member of the family and creates memories that can be proudly displayed every year.

Kids of every age can be engaged in creating unique Christmas tree ornaments that will become cherished throughout the years.

Many people collect Christmas ornaments when they travel or give them as gifts to create memories each Christmas. There are even entire stores dedicated to Christmas ornaments that celebrate every interest, including the original meaning of the Holiday.

If you’re traveling this Christmas season, consider purchasing a thoughtful ornament to commemorate your trip next year and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Homemade Wreath or Garland

Homemade Wreath or Garland

Many people love the distinctive scent of pine trees, and making a homemade wreath to display on your front door, or garland to drape across a mantle above a fireplace is another way to show your Christmas spirit.

Making your own wreaths and garland can be a great way to bring the whole family together. It can also be adorned with seasonal ribbons, pine cones, berries, and other decorations that bring out the Christmas spirit.

Christmas wreaths are one of the oldest Christmas decorations and are most commonly associated with the Christian Advent Season. Making your own wreath allows you to customize it however you like and choose from traditional styles to something with a more contemporary flair.

Vintage Christmas Decorations

Using classic, vintage Christmas decorations creates a link to the past and helps celebrate the true spirit of Christmas. Shop around at local vintage, thrift, and antique malls to find vintage Christmas decorations that can be displayed every year, or even make the perfect gift for anyone that loves the Christmas spirit.

Vintage Wall Art

Unique vintage depictions of Christmas celebrations, including antique maps of the holy land, are a great option for anyone that wants to celebrate the true history of Christmas and the Birth of Christ.

1760 Land of Canaan Holy Land Map Canvas Wall Art

Image Source: Historic Prints - Land of Canaan Holy Land Map Canvas Wall Art

Vintage Art Prints

Vintage art prints can include older depictions of Santa Claus that harken back to the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and provide everyone a glimpse of the past.

Vintage Map

Consider a vintage map that illustrates your family’s history or ancestral homeland to create a link to your past and bring history to life.

No matter how you choose to decorate your home this Christmas season, these tips are sure to help you make the most of the holidays and bring family and friends together.

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From everyone on the Historic Prints team, we wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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