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Annual Celebrations Mark Earth Day Each April 22


Every April 22, people celebrate International Earth Day in a wide variety of ways, from public service to simply enjoying the great outdoors. Earth Day began in 1970 and is now celebrated by more than 1 billion people in 193 countries across the globe. There are many Earth Day activities that get people involved in their local communities and work towards creating a more green future for generations to enjoy.

The First Earth Day

The first earth day was proposed by peace activist John McConnell in 1969 at a UNESCO conference held in San Francisco, California, and it was initially supposed to be held on March 21, the official first day of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. McConnell was born in Iowa in 1915 and would go on to design the Earth Flag, which became a symbol of global peace and dedication to preserving natural spaces. McConnell's Christian faith led him to strive for a world that was less polluted by man-made causes, and he frequently referred to Psalms 115:16 "The earth has been given to the children of men." This remains one of the most popular Earth Day quotes.

McConnell wrote a proclamation that was approved by the Secretary General U Thant at the United Nations, and the following month United States Senator Gaylord Nelson proposed a nationwide environmental teach-in on April 22.

Earth Day Celebrations Around the World

Until 1990, Earth Day was primarily held in the United States, though Denis Hayes (the original director of the event) would make the celebration an international event. The first International Earth Day saw participation from 141 countries, with celebrations of varying sizes organized by local groups. These events have come to define what is Earth Day and how citizens across the globe have come together to work to preserve our natural spaces.

The Heaven on Earth Dal Lake Cleanup in India

The iconic Dal Lake is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the region, noted for its thousands of houseboats that serve as public spaces, homes, schools, and shops. Earth Day India brings volunteers from across the region to help minimize the impact of tourism on the local climate. In 2023 the lake will be designated as Earth Day Star Village in a demonstration of continued support for Dal Lake in the coming years.

The Green Heart of Rome Village for the Earth Celebration

Perhaps one of the most iconic cities in the world, Rome, Italy, hosts this ceremony each Earth Day, lasts five days, and brings volunteers and visitors from across the globe to enjoy the festivities. There are over six hundred events with more than two hundred organizations represented.

This celebration has both fun events as well as serious forums to discuss institutional change in governments, industries, and organizations across the globe.

The UK's Big One on the Streets of London

More than seventy organizations and one hundred thousand participants will take to the streets of London this Earth Day 2023 to demand action from Parliament for measures to mitigate the harm caused by climate change. The event will go from Friday, April 21, to Monday, April 24, and is one of the largest Earth Day celebrations in the world.

Defining Moments in the Development of Earth Day

Many people ask what day is Earth Day as April 22 approaches and begin to explore how they can help give back to their local communities. Because Earth Day always falls on the same date, it gives organizers an excellent opportunity to promote their events. The development of Earth Day has evolved since its earliest days as one of the best ways for people to get involved in their local communities and show their dedication to preserving natural spaces.

As citizens across the globe grow increasingly concerned with the impact of greenhouse gas emissions, the number of celebrations for Earth Day have become one of the central days for climate activism and calling on political leaders to implement policies that limit future pollution and emphasize a commitment to a move towards sustainable fuels. When is Earth Day is often asked as the celebration approaches, and its springtime date makes it the ideal time to get outside and make a positive impact in your local community by cleaning up waterways or parks.

Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

When people start to explore how to celebrate Earth Day, one of the most common activities they discover is public service, like cleaning up a local park, creek, or other green spaces. Another popular Earth Day celebration is attending a local gathering that promotes greener policies and encourages more sustainable practices. Other festivities include monetary donations to groups working to preserve nature and improve biodiversity across the globe.

This can include improving waterways, enhancing soil conditions, and creating buffers that protect vulnerable areas and communities from natural disasters. Another way some people promote Earth Day is by exploring and advocating for sustainable fashion solutions due to the fact that the fashion industry is responsible for more than 8% of all greenhouse gas emissions.

One of the most well-known Earth Day activities is getting a group together to plant trees in green spaces to help combat deforestation and negate carbon in the atmosphere to help work towards a more verdant future. Many local groups promote tree planting in the weeks and months leading up to Earth Day on April 22, and this is a great way to foster a sense of community and give back.

Earth Day Activities in America

There are numerous gatherings across the nation, and these events can help everyone get involved on Earth Day this April 22. Not only do Earth Day activities help beautify natural spaces they can help build relationships with local leaders who can implement changes to public policy in the interest of environmental advocacy.

Cape Coral, Florida Cleanup

Following the damage caused by Hurricane Ian, the city of Cape Coral has committed to its recovery process and initiated the Cape Coral Cleanup of 2023. More than five thousand volunteers are expected to participate in the event, which aims to remove debris from buildings in natural spaces, including beaches and waterways. This will be Cape Coral's largest-ever cleanup effort to commemorate Earth Day 2023.

The Earth Day Jubilee in Santa Monica, California

The environmental nonprofit "Heal the Bay" has hosted this event to raise awareness and help keep waterways, beaches, and ocean water clean in the Greater Los Angeles area since 1985. The celebration takes place at the iconic Santa Monica Pier and has both indoor and outdoor activities and highlights marine animals at the revered Santa Monica Aquarium to promote preservation efforts. The event focuses on educating children and youths about how they can get involved in conservation efforts in their local community.

Earth Day in Boston, Massachusetts

Activists dressed in costumes portraying their favorite animals gather at the city hall in Boston to demand action against climate change, including limiting new fossil fuel infrastructure in Massachusetts and across the globe. This event is marked by a spirit of community and revelry, with participants dancing, music, and more celebrations combined with activism.

Earth Day at Freedom Plaza in Washington, D.C

The goal of the celebration sponsored by Earth Day DC is to bring an end to the consumption of fossil fuels and work toward a more sustainable future. The event will be started with a youth rally followed by a march in the streets of Washington, D.C., that asks for bold action in the fight against climate change from President Joe Biden. The event's conclusion occurs at Freedom Plaza with a fair that highlights volunteer opportunities, art projects, teach-ins, and more festivities.

The Pledge to Our Keiki Dive Across Hawaii

The organizers at Kanu Hawaii work year-round to highlight and protect what makes the archipelago such a revered and special place, but for Earth Day, they have planned a full day of cleanup in the waters surrounding the islands with more than seven hundred divers and some twenty-thousand volunteers gathering to preserve Hawaii's natural beauty. These efforts are part of a more significant cause to bring attention to pollution across the planet and draw attention to the drivers of global pollution and the harm this has on natural ecosystems.

Additionally, there are numerous smaller gatherings and events in almost every town and city across the United States, and many groups that have formed around social activities to allow everyone to get involved and make a positive impact this Earth Day 2023.

Notable Milestones in Earth Day's History

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From the team at Historic Prints, we wish you a Happy Earth Day and hope you can get outside to enjoy nature!

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